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Connect Education Trust


Carterhatch Junior School officially became a member of The Enfield Learning Trust (later known as Connect Education Trust) on 1 January 2018. The Trust was formed in September 2016 and is the formal partnership between Bowes Primary, Carterhatch Junior, Chesterfield Primary, Delta Primary, Fern House, Grange Park and Hazelbury Primary Schools.

The overarching responsibility and accountability for governance of the Trust and its academies lies with the Board of Trustees, who meet three times a year.  

The Trustees are responsible for setting and monitoring strategic objectives, as well as ensuring compliance with charity and company law and the Trust’s funding agreement.

The Trust Board is supported by three committees, each with its own terms of reference. Chaired by a Trustee, each committee meets termly with their minutes submitted to the Board of Trustees for noting, comment and action. 

  • Education and Safeguarding
  • Resources and Finance
  • Pay and Performance

Statutory policies adopted by the Trust Board are reviewed on a rolling cycle.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision - To empower children to lead remarkable futures.

Our Mission - To connect with our pupils and offer them an exceptional education. Recruiting inspirational and committed teachers, school leaders and people to empower each and every one of the children in our care.

A remarkable future.  It's what our children deserve, but what does it actually mean?

  • Offering a well-rounded education that gives pupils every chance of success
  • Helping pupils to fulfil their potential and to be the best that they can be
  • A place where all pupils are included and enabled to flourish
  • Giving pupils the confidence to believe in themselves and to dream big
  • Supporting pupil’s wellbeing to develop well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society

Our Core Values

We Care. It's our calling to protect and grow our pupils and our people. We work in a world where empathy, thoughtfulness and personal responsibility are absolutely essential.

We Empower. Pupils and our people are equipped and encouraged to be the best that they can be. We give pupils and our people the skills and the belief they need to succeed.

We Create. We get things done, through hard work, resilience and high energy. We dream big and imagine bold new ways to shape the future of learning.

Roles and Responsibilities

 The Executive team are responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the Trust and consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Education Officer and Chief Operations officer.

The Trust Board's Education & Safeguarding Committee oversees the educational performance of each school and the personal development and wellbeing of pupils.  The responsibility of the Education & Safeguarding Committee is to ensure all pupils in each school receive the very best education through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum.

Each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB), comprised of parents, staff and Trust appointed members. Their primary role is to enable school leaders to achieve the highest educational outcomes for all pupils, through monitoring the quality of education, personal development and behaviour and attitudes.

The LGB holds the Headteacher to account by providing effective support and challenge. The LGB meets termly and the minutes from the meeting are sent to the Education & Safeguarding Committee for review.

The Trust Board is accountable for the financial performance of each school and delegates the operational management, regulation and oversight to the Chief Finance Officer, (CFO) in accordance with scheme of delegation. The CFO reports to the Finance and Resources Committee.  The Finance and Resources Committee has responsibility for issues of finance, risk, control and audit.

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School Funding Agreement

 Carterhatch Junior School Local Governing Body Education Committee



   Date Appointed 

Term of Office 


Trust Appointed 

LGB Member (Chair)

Alex Monk    12.05.2021 11.05.2025  

Helen McGovern



Staff LGB Member

Amy Fry



Parent LGB Member

Sheila Asare




Trust Appointed

LGB Member

Olufunmilola Adesiyan




Trust appointed

LGB Member

Huw Margetts     12.09.2023         11.09.2027  

Contact details for the Chair of the Carterhatch Local Governing Body are as follows:

Alex Monk -

Carterhatch Junior School, Carterhatch Lane, Enfield EN1 4JY