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What's My Line? Festive special

Pupils learn about jobs people do over the Christmas period

Pupils recently watched the What's My Line? Festival Special produced by the Primary Futures Charity who visited us in June 2019.  They have produced a video and learning resources about jobs people do over the Christmas period.

Click here to see the 25 minute KS2 video featuring a brand manager for a Christmas wrapping company, a craftsman at Buckingham Palace, a Christmas tree farmer, a Christmas decoration shop owner and a charity worker that supports homelessness. 

Here are some comments our pupils made after watching the video:

“I liked that they loved their jobs even though it was something that they had never intended to do when they were at school.” Maryama

“I learnt about how to co-operate as part of a team.”  Andrei 

“I liked the way wrapping paper is designed and this has inspired to me to consider becoming a designer in the future.” Rebecca 

“I really enjoyed learning about all the different things they do in their jobs and this has inspired me to become a helper at a homeless shelter.” Sofia 

“I learnt that reading is really important in your job and life. This has made me think about the work I produce in reading lessons.” Sudenur

“I enjoyed learning about all the different jobs related to Christmas and how hard they work at Buckingham Palace to get ready for this special time of year.” Sydney