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Albany Park excavations

Pupils go on an archaelogical dig!

Pupils from Carterhatch Junior School had the exciting opportunity to be archaeologists this week. Recent excavations in Albany Park unearthed many items - some dating back to the Victorian era. The Enfield Archaeological Society kindly gave us many of these items to work with. Pupils across all year groups worked very hard to clean, sort and organise these artefacts.

Pupils used toothbrushes, paintbrushes and water to clean off over one hundred years of dirt to reveal what the items were.  After this, they used magnifying glasses to read and identify even the smallest details that could reveal vital clues about the items. Once they had identified what the items were, they took pictures and completed a write up about their finds. This was an experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved - pupils and adults alike!

Quotes from children involved

Elvire:  'It was a very inspiring morning and I loved finding out about artefacts from the past.'

Osuani:  'It was very educational finding things that were from the Victorian ages. It's lovely to be able to see artefacts up close!'

Giovanna:  'It was amazing being able to see something so old and have discussions with other children in our year group.'

Ahmed:  'It was very fun to see the artefacts and an amazing opportunity for us. It has made me want to be a historian one day.'

Malachi G:  'I loved finding out about things from over 100 years ago!' 


Our findings

Type of artefact


Clay pipes


Pottery - blue and white patterns


Pottery - white


Pottery - red or orange


Pottery - black and white patterns


Plastic - buttons




Bones and teeth