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Year 6 visit the Imperial War Museum

An unknown journey 

Year 6 pupils recently visited the Imperial War Museum as part of their Learning Quest work in history called ‘An Unknown Journey’. The children were excited at the opportunity to visit the Museum and see, first hand, amazing artefacts from the first and second world wars. 

The children were keen to explore the entire Museum; reading and learning about WWI and WWII. The museum is full of many interesting items, big and small.  V2 Rockets and Spitfires hang from the ceiling, tanks and machine guns are on full display and there is even a World War 1 trench that the children had the chance to walk through! 

The trip was a resounding success and provided our pupils with the opportunity to find out what life was like during the two significant wars as well as develop their understanding towards the impact war has had on our lives today.