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Go with the flow

Yr5 visit River Lea Country Park

Year 5 recently went on an exciting (if not a little wet) trip to the River Lea Country Park in Cheshunt as part of their 'Go With the Flow' geography topic. As part of the day, they did over 6 miles of walking around the river course. They had binoculars to take in the scenery and to observe birds around the navigation and the lake. 

Jaydon and Meryem said "My favourite part was the bird watching because I liked being near the river and seeing the different birds."

They were able to see a lot of Grey Herons, Black-headed Gulls and Herrings - some children were even lucky enough to spot a deer! They had the unique opportunity to compare and contrast the natural features of the meandering Old River Lea with the straight River Lea navigation. Children were able to discuss and record the river features looking at wildlife, completing field sketching, measuring river flow rates and looking at habitats. 

Joseph commented "My favourite part was when we learnt about the seeds because it was really interesting to learn how they disperse their seeds in the river."