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Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly

Holocaust Memorial Day is held yearly on 27 January to remember the six million Jewish people who were killed.

Today, in our assembly, we learnt about the Jewish People and how they were discriminated against by the Nazis; how they were forced to wear a yellow star on their clothes and were not allowed to go to school.  They could not marry anyone who was not Jewish, they could not vote and were not allowed to do many jobs. 

We heard about Anne Frank who lived in hiding with her family for two years before being found, Bernd Koschland who came to England as a child to escape the Nazis but had to leave his family behind, and Susan Pollack who survived horrible treatment by the Nazis and lots of her family were killed.

Holocaust Memorial Day is a time to remember the Jewish people and other minority groups who were killed and discriminated against, with activities taking place around the country.  We thought about what we could do, for example – light a candle, a minute’s silence, read a poem.

We then watched a short film, reminding us of the power we all have to stand up and speak against hatred and prejudice today.

Thivisha said: “In assembly we learnt about the Jewish people because the Nazis were killing them.  It made me feel sad”.

Isabella said: “I learnt about discrimination and how people were treating others in a bad way. It made me upset that people can do wrong things to others”.