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Our value for this term is Respect. 

We have been thinking about what Respect means and how we show it every day.  This is what we’ve come up with.

We show respect by the way we treat others, our environment and even how we think about ourselves.  We need to respect ourselves as well as others.

Respect means saying “please”, “thank you”, helping others when in class, not littering in the playground and listening.

This week we celebrated World Religion Day.  This is celebrated every January on the third Sunday of the month.  It promotes understanding between people who have a faith and those who do not.  

It reminded us of our value “Respect”; all religions say something about being kind to others.



Jane Goodall had something to say about Respect.  We can all make a difference every day.

How does your child show Respect at home?  Let us know – send in what you think – to your class teacher.  We will share your ideas at our assemblies.  Thank you for listening.

Next month Year 5 Parliament members will be writing about Resilience.


Kaelin, Samir, Kaan, Demetri, Jenelle, Andrei and Hazal

Y6 MPs, School Parliament