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Food Science - Years 4 & 6

This week, as part of the Design and Technology Curriculum, Years 4 and 6 studied food science.

Year 4 looked at Healthy Wraps and were taught key skills of good hygiene; safe cutting techniques; combining flavours.

Year 6 looked at Savoury Muffins and were taught key skills of good hygiene; accurate measuring; appropriate use of kitchen utensils; combining flavours.

All pupils were able to taste test ingredients before designing their own recipe to create flavour combinations.  They will make a sample following their recipes and further taste test before making their final product.  During the evaluation process, they will eat their product to review and evaluate it.

“Yesterday, in D&T, we learned to make plain savoury muffins.  My favourite part was mixing the smooth buttery mixture!  This was another fun opportunity at Carterhatch and we were learning too!  I can’t wait to taste test”. – Alina

“Yesterday, we started baking our savoury muffins for our D&T lesson.  This was another super fun thing to do while we were learning too.  We can’t wait to try them and add our own savoury ingredients”. - Jenson