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5 Curie Class Showcase

A huge well done to 5 Curie Class for their amazing showcase to their parents and carers today!

The children were so proud to share their learning journey from the past half term. It was fantastic to see so many parents and carers attending the session and to witness the joy the children took when discussing their work. All of the children took an active part in presenting what they have been learning across all of the subjects and were articulate in doing so. Thank you for attending today, for all your positive comments and supporting your child with their learning at Carterhatch Junior School.

“I really enjoyed explaining our science investigations to the parents – I even got them to separate materials using the equipment we had,” Danaya.

“I was so happy to share my learning with my family – it was exciting!” Luciano.

“I was able to explain the process and skills we have learned in our lessons for art with Esme this half term which I really enjoyed doing,” Ruya.

“I took the photographs for the basketball tournament and couldn’t believe I’d taken over 300 pictures! I explained to my mum what my role was – she was so proud”, Miray.

“Sharing my work with my family made me feel so proud today,” Kai