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Mental Health Champions

Today, some pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to spend the morning with Ricky from One Goal who was here to teach them how to become mental health champions. During the session they discussed what mental health is, why it is important to think about and what we can do to stay healthy.

Our pupils were taught many different strategies to support their own and others well-being such as making sure they are breathing and reflecting, doing regular exercises and always talking to their trusted adults if they have any worries.

They also discussed different worries that children might experience and what they can recommend to their peers to support and to prevent them from further worrying.

Our pupils ended the morning by becoming official mental health champions who will be able to share their expertise with their classmates and provide them with strategies when they are feeling worried or stressed.

“Today I have learnt lots of new skills about how to control myself and I have really enjoyed it.” – Ayshen, Berners-Lee class

“The mental health project was amazing and we should do it again. ”– Aniya, Levete

“I enjoyed the calm jars because it was satisfying as it moved” – Hasan, Goodall class.

“I really enjoyed the day and my advice is if you are feeling stressed, you need to take deep breaths in or take a walk. Remember to always exercise and stay healthy” Lara, Henson