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6 Mackintosh Class showcase

Well done to 6 Mackintosh Class for their fantastic showcase today! The pupils were so proud to present the first showcase of the school year and show their parents a range of their work completed this term.  It was a very enjoyable experience for all.  Thank you to all who came along to see their children’s work and take part in the interactive activities.

Our pupils said:

“I had great fun with my family showing them my work.  My favourite moments were sharing maths problems with my family and drawing a portrait of my dad,” Sophia.

“I think the showcase was brilliant because our parents had the chance to see our work in year 6 and see how we have developed over the years.  I really enjoyed it when I showed my dad my English book – he was so pleased to see how well I write,” Kevin.

“My dad and I had fun at the showcase.  He particularly liked the maths problems and was pleased with my maths work.  I also enjoyed showing him my artwork, science and history,” Destiny.

“We worked really hard to prepare the showcase and it was great to see so many families happy with our work.  I had fun with my brother solving hard maths problems that we do.  My self-portrait impressed my family.  I was so exhilarated by the success of our showcase,” Oktay.