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Gardening workshop with Michael Holland

The Eco Council and gardening club took part in an exciting workshop with Michael Holland, who is a recycling and gardening expert

Michael, who is the author of “I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast” showed the pupils his own fruit and vegetable planting projects and gave them some expert advice on how to take care of fruits and vegetables when growing themselves.  In addition, Michael showed everyone how to reuse materials that are often thrown away such as creating a solitary bee home out of toilet rolls and plastic bottles. The Eco Council and gardening club started by making and painting labels to wrap onto tins donated by The Pantry. Once these were stuck onto the tins, they were ready to add in a compost mix that was especially made by Michael. They then planted a variety of seeds to match the labels they had created. Over the next five weeks, they will take care of the plants and bring them home at the end of the school year so that they can continue to watch them grow and enjoy the fruit and vegetables!

“Michael was really nice and kind, I liked seeing the fruit that he had planted himself and I liked seeing how he used the food containers to grow fruit.” Ali, Goodall class

“I liked that Michael used items like a sushi container and toilet rolls to create a home for animals and plants. Michael’s book looked really good, it inspires you to do the ideas in the books.” Ayshen, Berners-Lee class

 “The best thing he showed us were the eco bricks.  He had really good ideas on how to reuse things. You can create lots of eco bricks and build a house.” Zainab, Berners-Lee class