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Bank of England 2021 Week - Money and Me

Before half-term our pupils took part in Bank of England's Money and Me Week.

! In Year 3, our pupils learnt about supply and demand, how money has changed and they were introduced to banking and online banking.  Similarly in Year 4, the pupils learnt about how money has changed throughout the years, how to budget and the role of the Bank of England. In Year 5, our pupils learnt about how prices change over time and why money is so important. They also looked at keeping money safe and how to manage money and avoid debt. Our Year 6 pupils discussed budgeting, how to manage money and looked at ethical spending. All of the pupils showed great enthusiasm and determination throughout the week - well done for all your hard work. 

Angel in 3 Sharman, "I liked looking at money and looking at different coins." 

Vincent in 4 Curie, "I really enjoyed learning about mortgages and loans - I hope I get to apply for a mortgage one day!"

Demetri in 5 Mackintosh, "My favourite lesson was using the Chromebooks to look at different scenarios linked to supply and demand. I liked learning this because it tells you about why the prices of items go up!" 

Apostolis in 6 McCartney, "I enjoyed the Bank of England lessons.  It was interesting to learn about the Bank of England and how you can borrow money. I was also interested to learn about scams and how to avoid them.”