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The Big Ask

Get your child’s voice heard and make a difference!

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, launched a once-in-a-generation review of children’s lives.

It’s her job to make sure that children’s rights are protected. She speaks up for young people to make sure that the Government and other important people listen to what you have to say. Before she became the children’s commissioner, Dame Rachel was a headteacher.

To help the Children’s Commissioner understand what young people are thinking and feeling, Dame Rachel is asking for every young person in England to answer a questionnaire similar to the Census held this year for adults over 18.

During PSHE lessons, all pupils took part in their first census ‘The Big Ask’ - the largest ever consultation held with children supported by the school parliament.  

In this survey, the Children’s Commissioner is asking children and young people what they think is important for their future and what is holding young people back. The Children’s Commissioner will use what children and young people tell her to show the Government what they think and what they need to live happier lives. 

It’s an exciting opportunity to help us think big and it’s a chance for every child in England to have their voice heard.

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