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This week

During lockdown, Year 5 have been completing a variety of online tasks which they have been uploading to Seesaw.  Here are some examples selected by their teachers.

Begum has created detailed writing as a result of the observations she made from an image.  She carefully selected a person to write about as if she were them.  Fantastic use of vocabulary and sentence structure in this writing.

Aden decided to create a model for the Year 5 rivers topic.  He based his model on the River Nile (after studying Ancient Egypt earlier in the school year) and as you can see, he created an amazing river effect and scene in the model he make.  Fantastic work Aden!

During Mayza's time at home she has responded to a task set which was to create some art stones.  These stones are usually found in parks and along pathways and bring joy to people when they find them because of how colourful they are and the positive message they give. This brightly coloured stone that Mayza has created will hopefully bring some happiness into your day. 

Watch the videos below to see these children's latest efforts:

After reading 'The Hatch', Kayra decided to have a go at making the lollies which were explained within an article in the magazine.  Watch her to see how she has expertly made her lollies using her DT skills.  She has some tips as well to help you make the perfect lolly too.  Cool and refreshing on the warm summer days.



Someone else using their DT skills is Baran.  Putting his design skills to good use, he has created an iPad stand out of Lego.  Take a look at his video to see what this looks like and listen to him explain how it was made.  What an excellent idea Baran!



Year 5's topic last half term was mountains and rivers.  Listen to Melisa's explanation of how she made her mountain from rocks.  What a great, fun and practical idea!