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Inside Out Day/Internet Safety

On Friday 5 February our pupils took part in a joint Internet Safety and Mental Health (Inside Out) Day through two live morning lessons.

The focus was on internet safety and fake news; for example, how influencers may not show their true feelings about the things they share online. We also discussed how we can keep ourselves safe and ensure we try to limit the amount of time we spend online.

The second focus was on Inside Out Day, the UK’s first ever mental health festival for schools. Inside Out Day encouraged us to wear an item of clothing inside out as a reminder to be kind always, as you never know how someone is feeling inside – a simple idea and easy to do.


Y3 Kaya: "I have learnt that you should always share your emotions so that people can help you."

Y4 Zeynep: "When you talk to somebody, a huge weight is lifted so you can focus on other things."

Y5 Yanique: "Kindness to me is that you should be kind to people because you don't know what they are going through at home."

Y6 Edona: "Kindness is important because you never know how someone might be feeling inside. Your act of kindness might make a huge difference to how they’re feeling."