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Connect Education Trust

Be Connected

3,200 Chromebooks secure trust-wide roll out of home learning

Chromebook for every pupil from Year 1 upwards

We have some very exciting news to tell you. The Chief Executive Officer of the Enfield Learning Trust  (later known as Connect Education Trust), has recently announced that the Trust has decided to provide a Chromebook for every pupil in our school. This is still being organised, but hopefully in the near future, this will enable every child to take the Chromebook home so that in all circumstances, learning can continue. This project is called “Be Connected”.  To see the flyer, click here.

There is a lot to do to prepare for this - the Chromebooks have been ordered; there will be agreements that will need to be signed by parents to keep the devices safe and secure, and to ensure that these are used for school educational purposes only.

We have also been preparing teachers and pupils how “live” lessons can be taught virtually by staff, if this becomes necessary in the future. All pupils will be given a Google account so they can be taught in “Google Classrooms”. All this is being worked on now.  

Please do not worry about this. We are just following Government advice to make sure your child can continue their education if the situation changes.