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Money week

Our pupils designed and created a variety of items to sell at the open afternoon

Money Week & Open Afternoon

During the week beginning Monday 2 December, Carterhatch took part in Money Week!  Our pupils were given the challenge to design, advertise, create and then sell an item as a class at our open afternoon on Thursday 5 December. Our pupils showed resilience, co-operation and fantastic selling skills and we are immensely proud of how they conducted themselves.


Many stalls sold out of all their items and the afternoon was a HUGE success! 

The top three classes who made the most profit were:

Third place:         Year 6 Zephaniah class

Second place:    Year 6 Kipling class

First place:          Year 4 Levete class


Thank you to the pupils, staff and parents who joined us on the open afternoon for all their support and encouragement.