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Inspiring Women Event

Inspirational journeys

Pupils from Year 6 were invited to apply to attend a London event at Draper’s Hall. The successful pupils attended the Inspiring Women Event this Tuesday. The pupils, alongside 8 other schools from across London, met with a group of inspirational women who shared their dreams and career journeys. There were opportunities to ask questions and to find out about a range of highly inspiring careers such as accountancy, project management and ICT project design.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day.

“Today, my favourite part was when we met many different inspirational women. We had to guess what their jobs were by using clues and asking questions.” Joleen

 “Today, I learnt it does not matter if you fail because failing means first attempt in learning. It was an inspirational day.” Efua

“I really enjoyed the day because the women we met were so inspirational. I learnt that even if you fail at something, you can always try again. No-one can stop you. We must always reach for our goals.” Mayra

“I really liked the day as the women proved to men that it isn’t only them that can have those jobs; it can be women as well as men.” Russell

“I really liked the trip because it showed me what jobs I can do when I am older and jobs that are not just for men but women too.” Atilla

 “This was especially good for me because I got to meet very intelligent people and I really do think they have inspired me.” Joseph