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Our Year 5 School Parliament Members met to talk about our value of RESILIENCE.  They thought about it’s meaning and how it affects us all in our daily lives and the actions we take.  This is what they had to say:

“Resilience means being respectful, being kind, being generous; when things are not going well we try to be brave”. – Sidikinaz

“I think resilience means not to be afraid of who you are.  If someone makes fun of you, toughen up and ignore that person”. – Kai

“If something is not going how you want it to go, never give up.  Success comes with practice”. – Savannah

“Resilience means never giving up, always be brave.  Keep on trying to reach your fullest potential”. – Kai

“Resilience is when you do something and you get it wrong, you try and try again.  You must be determined in order not to give up, even if someone says to stop because resilience comes in time until you get it right!” – Oluwajomiloju

“Resilience means never give up.  If you cannot do something, continue trying to do it”. - Mehmethan