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Year 3 Outdoor Learning

Today, Year 3 pupils took part in Outside Learning Day.  

They worked on improving their communication skills and working in a team.  They used the school grounds and outdoor classroom.  They ended the day singing camp songs around the campfire.

"Outdoor learning was so fun, we learned how to work in a team. Teamwork makes the dream work." - Kyron

"This was one of the best days I've had in school. My favourite activity was the scavenger hunt." - Tye

"I really enjoyed today, it was different from what we normally do inside of the classroom. My favourite part of the day was sitting and singing by the campfire." - Ceren

"I really enjoyed completing the mat activity on outdoor learning day as it helped us work as a team and show resilience." - Archie

"I enjoyed outdoor learning day as we all worked together as a team to find different items on the field and showed respect by listening to each other in the team-building activities." - Yara

"What I liked about outdoor learning was when we did stepping stones and scavenger hunt, and when we went to a fireplace and sang songs" - Mia

"I liked outdoor learning because I love nature and I found interesting stuff." - Amelia