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School Parliament visit Houses of Parliament

On Tuesday 20th November...

our School Parliament visited the Houses of Parliament. We travelled first class via train to Westminster. On arrival, we met Alex Monk, our Chair of Governors, who accompanied us for the day. By chance there was a film crew at the Houses of Parliament for ’Inside Politics’ and our pupils can be seen in the background of this clip from 2.15 - 4.42. Click on the following link to view -

We began with a tour of the Parliament buildings, starting in the Robing Room, which includes a secret toilet hidden in the walls just for the Queen’s visits. Our day ended with watching a live debate in the House of Commons. We learnt many interesting facts on the day … did you know, you cannot sit in the House of Lords if you are not a Lord or Baroness or that Michael Jackson tried to buy the Queen’s golden throne? In the afternoon we worked in teams and created campaigns based on our ideas to improve and change the world. These included pollution, reducing plastic and clean air.

Allyson from Citrine said … My favourite memory in the Houses of Parliament was the workshop as we got to do enjoyable activities.

Siva from Garnet said … My favourite part of the trip was when we saw the debate in the House of Commons. I learnt the colour means something. Red is a colour which only rich people got and green is a colour which poorer people got.

Isabella from Garnet family said … My favourite part was when we went to the House of Lords and we saw the Queen’s throne which was made out of real gold.