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Our visit from Breis

Breis, the rapper, author and poet, visited our school today. All classes attended a fantastic assembly where Breis recited his poems and rapped.  The pupils found him inspiring, humorous and thoroughly enjoyed joining in with his poems.  The day followed with workshops in Year 6 where Breis taught pupils to rap with poetry.  It was an invaluable experience for our pupils.

Here's what some of our pupils thought:

6 Hadid

I really enjoyed Breis coming to our school. His assembly was amazing because it was an energetic, inspiring performance. I’m a big fan of rap music and his lyrics and flow in Jammin’ on the Bus were incredible. It was also my first time seeing a live performance. - Abdu

I enjoyed the fact that it was an interactive assembly and I liked his song about identity. It showed that you shouldn’t be shy about your culture. He showed us this when he was rapping in Yoruba. Writing our own lyrics was just like an English lesson when we write poetry but we were able to write with vocabulary that didn’t have to be standard English. It was great! - Sofia

6 Mackintosh

It was great today learning to write with Breis.  Rhyming is one of my hobbies so it was truly inspirational to work with him and read my lines to him.  He was really pleased.  A great workshop. - Evana

I enjoyed the visit today from Breis especially when the whole class was learning how to rhyme like him. Breis inspired us with his rapping and quick ways of making rhyming couplets.  It was an amazing workshop - ten out of ten. - Eser

5 Goodall

It was really cool that Breis came to our school today and shared his raps with us. Breis’s raps were very good and funny. I enjoyed his raps and Breis himself because not all rappers interact with children. I learnt that anyone can be a rapper today! - Mehmet

The assembly was really good and very funny. I enjoyed rapping with Breis and the experience was amazing. I can now make my own raps after the great advice Breis gave us. Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your raps with us. - Jomiloju

5 Berners-Lee

I really liked it when Breis was teaching us his poem raps and when everybody was laughing. He showed us how to leave shyness behind and be confident. - Noah

Breis has firstly made a huge change in my life as he has convinced me to participate more in my learning and how fun poetry can be. - Anisa

I really enjoyed Breis, as he was very confident and I was interested and proud of him speaking the same language that my family speaks. I was able to relate to him. - Isaac

5 Curie

Breis inspired me to write poetry - his assembly was very exciting and it was nice that he had music. - Vincent

Breis was fun and made everyone laugh and it was nice that we could join in his rapping and he inspired me to write poems for fun. - Miray